Once you complete the contact form, our Director of Client Care will connect with you to discuss your main concerns. We will walk you through the therapy process and answer any questions.

1. Intake

We are happy to verify your insurance benefits. If ABA is a benefit covered by your insurance, we will obtain an authorization for services. If your insurance does not provide coverage, we will provide you with resources on different grants you can apply for and a list of our cash-based services.

2. Verify Insurance

Based on your preference, one of our BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) will conduct assessments either at our clinic or within your home. Assessments include an interview with you and observation and interaction with your child.

3. Assesment

4. Treatment Plan

Following the assessment, one of our BCBAs will develop an individualized treatment plan with goals in the areas of communication, play and social skills, reduction of problem behavior, and daily living skills.

5. Therapy

Whether you receive therapy in your home or at our clinic, our therapists will work on goals from the treatment plan. Therapy sessions take place based on the recommended hours in the treatment plan.

6. Payment

New Heights bills insurance on your behalf. Once we have been reimbursed by insurance, we will send you an invoice. Invoices are sent on a monthly basis. Payment plans are available. Cash-based services will be paid at the time of appointment.

7. Reassessments

Treatment plans are typically authorized for six months. Every six months, treatment plans are updated with new assessments, treatment goals, and data and are resubmitted to insurance companies.

As with any treatment, our goal is for your child to make progress and meet their treatment goals. Discharge is specific for each child and their needs. Once all socially significant goals are met, we will be sure to provide you with the necessary resources and next steps for your child.

8. Discharge

Dr. O Ivar Lavass

“If they can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn”